What do YOU believe? Not your parents, not what someone told you in school or church as a kid, but what do you really believe about God, the bible, Jesus, sin, Heaven, Hell, angels, creation or eternity?? There are many people asking questions about the times that we are living in today. Many groups, people and religions have offered answers to the questions of life.

The end of the world as we know it is being talked about in many circles today. Nostradamus, the Mayan Indians, Astrologist’s, and many others have identified 2012 as a very significant year in their calendar or predictions as they relate to the end of the world. Have you heard any of this discussion? It seems to be all the rage!

What about YOU? Do YOU know what you believe? Do YOU know why it matters? Do YOU know what God has said about all of this? Are YOU ready for what will happen next?